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INSTACONSTRUCT - MATERIALS Prices presented do not include the VAT.

Copper, steel, PEX-AL, multilayer pipes Price

Steel and copper elbows, reducing pieces, T-pieces, couplings, nipples, connectors, adaptors Price

Taps, sense valves, Y filters, safety valves Price

Thermometer, manometer, boiler and contact thermostat Price

Cast iron, aluminum, steel radiators, port towel radiators Price

Heating through the floor with thermal agent and electrical Price

Stainless steel chimney Price

Stainless and alloyed steel pipe Price

Elbows, reducing pieces, steel T-pieces Price

Acetylene, technical oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen Price

Superbasic, supertit, stainless and alloyed steel welding bars, welding wire, chrome, chrome-molybdenum Price

Drawer taps, butterfly valve, steel and cast iron valve Price

Industrial measure devices - bimetal thermometer, manometer Price

Flanges, screws, nuts Price

Steam boilers Price

Industrial burners Price

INSTACONSTRUCT - EQUIPMENT Prices presented do not include the VAT.

Mural heating stations with natural or forced draught, in condensation, instant housekeeper warm water, electrical water heater Price

Floor heating stations Price

Boilers, gas, gas oil, soft liquid fuel, woods burners Price

Expansion vessels, hydrophores Price

Circulation pumps Price

Air heating devices, convectors Price

Hot air generators Price

Steam boilers Price

Industrial burners Price






No. Works
Material / UM
Labour /UM x K
1 Heating boiler 28kW V=40l
42.6 x K
2 Central heating kit
5.9 x K
3 Radiator steel 22 H600 L1000
8.8 x K
4 Filter type Y 3/4"
1.5 x K
5 Copper-steel connector 15-1/2"
1.2 x K
6 Ball valve 1/2"-3/4"
1.2 x K
7 Fitting copper ø15-ø28
1.0 x K
8 Radiator valve 1/2"
1.2 x K
9 Copper pipe ø15-ø28
1.6 x K
10 Pressure tests
3.2 x K
11 Other expenses (10%)
58.6 x K
12 Heating installation designing
2.2 x K


No. Works
Material / UM
Labour /UM x K
1 Boiler in condensate 28kW
42.6 x K
2 Floor heating kit
17.6 x K
3 Other expenses (5%)
94.5 x K
4 Heating installation designing
2.4 x K
All prices presented do not include the VAT. K - coefficient for labor. Final price includes all costs.

The used unit measure of the thermal power is kW, but kcal/h (1kcal/h=1.16W) used for calculation of thermal need is also very used.

For the thermal need of a building, there are many factors that should be considered: dimensions of rooms, climate area (warmer, normal or colder), orientation to sun (especially to north), atmospheric conditions (wind), how many walls of the room are external and not the last, the flow of domestic hot water.

Do you not know what to choose?

A very important role in dimensioning the heating installation is played by the expansion vessel, that should take over the expansion of water in installations and that depends of boilers, pipes and radiator water quantity.

A very important criterion in choosing a micro station is the draught (natural or forced) depending on the type of combustion room (open or closed). It has to be avoided the purchasing of a natural draught station requiring the connection to a chimney for burnt gas evacuation, even it is cheaper. At the same time the technical rules in force impose some conditions that are hardly observed by these ones.

Would you like to know the price?

The most used radiators are ''the steel one blocks'', presenting clear advantages in comparison to those of cast iron or aluminum (those of cast iron have a low thermal conductivity and those of aluminum increase the pressure in installation). With this kind of heating we achieve 16°C on the floor level and 23°C under ceiling. For bathrooms we recommend the use of port-towel radiators, accupying a very small spaces..

The heating system the closest to the ideal distribution of heat in a room (22°C at the floor level and 19°C under ceiling) is that through the floor. Even it is the largest heating body for a room, it does not take of its space, allowing the freely arrangement of it. An important comfort factor is represented by the uniform distribution of heat into a room. This system provides 23°C on the floor level, very important for feet and body and 17°C under ceiling, respectively.

The most suitable micro station for the floor heating system is that in condensation. Even the price of such micro station is very high, the advantages are obvious (low gas consumption, high yield, safety in operation).

The circulation pumps should be correctly chosen, their under dimensioning leading to a poor circulation of the heating agent, and over dimensioning determining the occurrence of resonance phenomenon into installation, at radiators especially.

Heat losses of unprotected pipes increase progressively at the increased nominal diameters. The heat losses at the pipes protected (thermal insulation) by a 50mm layer decrease by 85% in comparison with unprotected pipes. The mineral wool shells may be protected by aluminum foil (they are used inside buildings) or unprotected by aluminum foil (in this case they have to protected by a zinc sheet against weather conditions, they are used outside).

Protection on synthetic rubber basis have excellent elasticity and durability, the extra fine cell structure providing an increased efficiency for the product, are sealed against humidity, avoid the condensation formation and are immune to low temperatures. They are used with the heating installation also, but especially for protection of pipes though which liquids with low temperatures pass through.

Use of mineral wool shells and rubber protection also reduces by 50% the installation time.

The most used gas in the technological processes is steam. This is an invisible gas generated through addition of thermal power to the water in a boiler. Enough power shall be added so that the water temperature is increased to the boiling point. The extra power, without any other increase of temperature, turns water into steam.

Steam is heat transfer medium very effective and easy to control. It is used the most of cases for the transport of energy from a central source (boiler) to a number of consumers from the installations where it used for air and water heating and other processes.

The heat passes from a high level of temperature to a low level of temperature through a process known as heat transfer. Starting from the boiler fire place, the heat is transferred through the pipes of water boiler. When the higher pressure in the boiler pushes the vapor outside, this one heats the pipes of the distribution system. The heat passes from steam, through the pipe walls into the environment air, colder. This heat transfer passes a part of steam into water, named condensation.

The condensation is a by-product of heat transfer in a steam system. It is formed into the distribution system, in heating and technological equipment, as a result of heat transfer from steam to heated substance.

The condensation gathering in the lower side of steam pipes could be a reason for water hammer. At the same time, when the steam comes into contact with the condensation cooled under the vapor temperature, it can produce thermal shocks. The condensation, air and other gases resulted from the heat transfer shall eliminated by means of condensing pots.

Dimensioning of pipes into a steam system is determined by the initial pressure at the boiler and the pressure losses and the steam speed also.


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INSTACONSTRUCT - LABOUR Prices presented do not include the VAT.

Labor coefficient per country - K

Installation mural heating station Price

Installation of heating boilers Price

Installation of burning devices Price

Installation thermal station equipment and accesories Price

Installation of radiators, air heating devices, floor heating systems Price

Installation steel, copper, PEXAL, multilayer pipe and fittings Price

Installation of hole couplings, connectors, adaptors, valves Price

Pressure tests, washing Price

Disassemblies, revisions, replacements Price

Installation of metal tanks Price

Installation of equipment Price

Installation of pipes, fittings, valves and supports Price

Equipment disassembly, pipes, fittings, valves and supports Price

Labor coefficient per country - K

ZONE 1 - Nigeria, India, Moldova, Egypt

ZONE 2 - China, Ukreine, Serbia, Thailand, Belarus, Tunisia, Bulgaria

ZONE 3 - Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, Russia

ZONE 4 - Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovakia

ZONE 5 - Estonia, Hungary, Czech, Saudi Arabia

ZONE 6 - Portugal, Korea, Israel, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus

ZONE 7 - Spain, Italy, UAE, Germany, France, Australia

ZONE 8 - Belgium, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden

ZONE 9 - USA, Denmark, Iceland Switzerland, Ireland

ZONE 10 - Norway, Luxembourg




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