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Concrete, mortar, cement Price

Sand, gravel, ballast Price

Concrete pre-fabricated elements, street curbs, manhole covers, slabs, fence plates, tubes Price

Concrete steel, welded net, black and galvanized wire Price

UNP and INP profiles, rolled angle iron, rectangular pipe, flat band Price

IPE, HEA, HEB, UPE, UNPE, HEM Euro-profiles Price

Timber - boards, slats, rules, wood beams, panels, nails Price

Brick, BCA (cellular expanded concrete), BCU (light cellular concrete) Price

Black sheet Price


Concrete mixer, tip lorry, crane Price

Wheel and chain excavator, bulldozer, picking drill, tractor loader Price

Concrete vibrator,compacting cylinder Price



PEXAL, steel, galvanized, polyethylene PEHD, polypropylene PP-R tubes Price

PP, PVC, PEHD sewage tubes Price

Elbows, reducing piece, T-pieces, socket, connector, adaptor, hole coupling galvanized Price

PEXAL - multilayer, elbow, adaptor, reducing piece, coupling Price

Sanitary objects - tube, wash-stand, sink, wc -water closet Price

Taps, sense valve, Y filters, safety valves Price

Cold and hot water gauges, water meter manhole Price


Water heater, accumulators, gas and electric instant Price

Heat exchangers in plates, solar systems Price

Water tanks Price



Copper, steel, PEX-AL, multilayer pipes Price

Steel and copper elbows, reducing pieces, T-pieces, couplings, nipples, connectors, adaptors Price

Taps, sense valves, Y filters, safety valves Price

Thermometer, manometer, boiler and contact thermostat Price

Cast iron, aluminum, steel radiators, port towel radiators Price

Heating through the floor with thermal agent and electrical Price

Stainless steel chimney Price


Mural heating stations with natural or forced draught, in condensation, instant housekeeper warm water, electrical water heater Price

Floor heating stations Price

Boilers, gas, gas oil, soft liquid fuel, woods burners Price

Expansion vessels, hydrophore Price

Circulation pumps Price

Air heating devices, convector Price

Hot air generators Price



Protection tubes, copex, pit for cables, PVC and metal sewers Price

Electrical conductors and cables Price

Electric devices for thermal station automation Price

Apparent, tight, built-in electrical panels Price

Breakers, switches, plugs, sockets Price

Lamp fittings, spots of light Price

Incandescent, fluorescent, with halogens, with discharging sources Price

Protection and control modular devices Price


Electrical transformers Price

Electrical motors, generator unit Price

Electrical boards Price



Steel and copper pipes Price

Steel and copper elbows, reducing pieces, couplings, nipples, T-pieces, connectors, adaptors Price

Galvanized and aluminum plated sheet Price

Taps, way valves, Y filters, safety valves Price

Thermometers, manometers Price

Introducing air device, diffusers, grilles Price


Fan convectors Price

Domestic and industrial fans Price

Air conditioning devices - split, ceiling boxes Price

Chillers Price

Air filters Price

Air treatment stations Price



Galvanized and aluminium sheet Price

Plastic foil, membranes, bitumen board, expanded polystyrene Price

Board gypsum, guide ways, form brace, profiles, accessories Price

Mineral wool, mineral wool shell, elastomer rubber Price

Plaster, polishing plaster coat, adhesives Price

Wood and laminated floor, marble, granite, grit stone, faience, panels Price

Wood windows and doors, PVC, aluminium, wood carpentry Price

Primer, enamels, paint, thinner Price

Washable and super washable paint, washable decorative plaster, by-road, adhesives, varnishes, putties Price


Grinding machines Price

Drilling machines Price

Polishing machines Price



Drawn and welded steel pipe, PEHD Price

Elbows, reducing pieces, T-pieces, socket, nipples, hole couplings from steel Price

Elbows, reducing pieces,T-pieces,socket, steel-PE passing through, adaptors from PEHD Price

Valves, flexible couplings Price

Gas plate meter, meter box, gas meter niche Price


Gas regulators Price

Gas meters Price

Gas filters Price



Stainless and alloyed steel pipe Price

Elbows, reducing pieces, steel T-pieces Price

Acetylene, technical oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen Price

Electrodes, stainless and alloyed steel welding bars, welding wire, chrome, chrome-molybdenum Price

Drawer taps, butterfly valve, steel and cast iron valve Price

Industrial measure devices thermometer, manometer Price

Flanges, screws, nuts Price


Steam boilers Price

Industrial burners Price



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Welcome to - Your guide in construction and installation works Optimized for tablets and mobile phones

This site provides you all information from construction and installation works. Here you can find everything you want to know: prices, labour, technical support - experience of 20 years of activity in the field - period during which we worked to install from heating radiators and sanitary installations to complex technological equipment, from foundations and metal fixtures to steel structures and board gypsum panels partition.

Before starting a constructions, many crucial aspects should be considered: distance to the street, distance from neighbors, position to cardinal points, positioning of utilities that should be close, industrial pollution, phonic pollution, sewage, possible systematization, shape of the land where the construction shall be placed, area safety or the green space.

The panel with construction denomination and data shall be displayed, missing of it attracting high fines from the authorized inspectors.

The construction should be built by authorized companies staffed with skilled people and quality material. Please be careful with the material quality and if it is used what is need (especially concrete, concrete steel and welded net) the construction strength is secured.

The material for construction shall be stored in safety conditions, because they are expensive and tempting for everyone. Even the leased equipment (bulldozer, excavator) staying over night should be watched over. The price of leased equipment is enough high so avoid their use without purpose.

We strongly recommend you to elaborate an informative financial calculation of the construction from the beginning so that the latter troubles are prevented, delays or even their incompletion.

When estimating a construction all aspects occurring in its completion should be considered, finishing and installations especially (electrical, heating, sanitary, sewage, gas, technological).

An important role in determination of thermal need has the quantity of heat needed to prepare the domestic hot water for a correct dimensioning of mural heating station, floor heating station, thermal group or heating boiler.

To some thermal equipment this is not necessary, because their operation is based on the priority of domestic hot water, heating being closed during its supplying (when a tap is open it passes on hot rate, heating being stopped and it returns to initial condition when the tap is closed).

There are cases when the need of water is very high and an incorrect dimensioning of equipment could not provide the domestic hot water to the optimum parameters. In this case an accumulation boiler micro station is recommended.

The micro stations have two working rates:"winter rate" where both functions of the micro station are active (domestic hot water preparation and supplying of thermal agent), "summer rate" where the function of housekeepers warm water preparation is active. Some micro stations are designed for heating only.

In the most of cases, the micro stations have two heat exchangers: main (used for heating) and secondary (used for housekeepers warm water preparation). There are cases when the station is provided with a single heat exchanger (bi-thermal) where the thermal agent and the domestic hot water are prepared within the same purpose.

The used unit measure of the thermal power is kW, but kcal/h (1kcal/h=1.16W) used for calculation of thermal need is also very used.

For the thermal need of a building, there are many factors that should be considered: dimensions of rooms, climate area (warmer, normal or colder), orientation to sun (especially to north), atmospheric conditions (wind), how many walls of the room are external and not the last, the flow of domestic hot water.

A very important role in dimensioning the heating installation is played by the expansion vessel, that should take over the expansion of water in installations and that depends of boilers, pipes and radiator water quantity.

A very important criterion in choosing a micro station is the draught (natural or forced) depending on the type of combustion room (open or closed). It has to be avoided the purchasing of a natural draught station requiring the connection to a chimney for burnt gas evacuation, even it is cheaper. At the same time the technical rules in force impose some conditions that are hardly observed by these ones.

The most used radiators are ''the steel one blocks'', presenting clear advantages in comparison to those of cast iron or aluminum (those of cast iron have a low thermal conductivity and those of aluminum increase the pressure in installation). With this kind of heating we achieve 16°C on the floor level and 23°C under ceiling. For bathrooms we recommend the use of port-towel radiators, being a very small space.

The heating system the closest to the ideal distribution of heat in a room (22°C at the floor level and 19°C under ceiling) is that through the floor. Even it is the largest heating body for a room, it does not take of its space, allowing the freely arrangement of it. An important comfort factor is represented by the uniform distribution of heat into a room. This system provides 23°C on the floor level, very important for feet and body and 17°C under ceiling, respectively.

The most suitable micro station for the floor heating system is that in condensation. Even the price of such micro station is very high, the advantages are obvious (low gas consumption, high yield, safety in operation).

The circulation pumps should be correctly chosen, their under dimensioning leading to a poor circulation of the heating agent, and over dimensioning determining the occurrence of resonance phenomenon into installation, at radiators especially.

Heat losses of unprotected pipes increase progressively at the increased nominal diameters. The heat losses at the pipes protected (thermal insulation) by a 50mm layer decrease by 85% in comparison with unprotected pipes. The mineral wool shells may be protected by aluminum foil (they are used inside buildings) or unprotected by aluminum foil (in this case they have to protected by a zinc sheet against weather conditions, they are used outside).

Protection on synthetic rubber basis have excellent elasticity and durability, the extra fine cell structure providing an increased efficiency for the product, are sealed against humidity, avoid the condensation formation and are immune to low temperatures. They are used with the heating installation also, but especially for protection of pipes though which liquids with low temperatures pass through.

Use of mineral wool shells and rubber protection also reduces by 50% the installation time.

Within a building, every electrical circuit has a well-defined function. There circuits for lightening, circuits for plugs, specialized circuits (for electrical equipment). A maximum number of use points is allotted to every circuit. A single-phase circuit has a phase conductor, a null conductor and an earth conductor (for circuits for high consumer appliances and for which an additional shielding shall be provided, only)..

For domestic use the circuits are placed in a single panel, usually mounted at the dwelling entrance. For industrial consumers or civil building the distribution panels for lightening and plugs are named light panels. Further, the power panel for power receivers appears (high power electrical machines).

In order to avoid, extension of damages, all circuits of the electrical installation shall be protected against the default currents. The default currents are due to short circuits and overcharges.

The protection against the short circuit can be done with fuses or automate breakers provided with electromagnetic triggering.

The protection against overcharge is done with thermal relays when the circuits are provided with fuses or thermal triggers when on circuits automate breakers are installed. Within the circuits provided with fuses and thermal relays the switching element is a electrical contacts.

At the direct contact with an electric wire or terminal found under voltage or at the direct contact with a device under voltage as a result of a protection defect, electric shocks produce, very harmful for people. Pay attention when switching off the electric appliances when your hands are wet or you are in contact with water (very good electricity conductor).

The unit measure of cooling power of an air conditioning device is of BTU/h (British Thermal Unit per Hour), but for power expression calculation it is recommended the Kw (1kW=3412BTU/h).

A air-conditioning system is that system allowing the heat exchange from a low ambient temperature to one of higher temperature, representing the reverse of the natural exchange.

The purpose of air conditioning device is to create a comfortable environment for the persons in a room through the control of air condition (temperature, noise, purity degree, smells, humidity).

The most known and cheap devices are those of ''split'' type. They contain an internal unit and another external connected through copper pipes with circulation of cooling agent. Most of them produce cold jets with the temperature about 5°C, many times very dangerous for people health if they are not placed in suitable manner.

For the big spaces or pretentious environment are used coolers (chillers) or treatment air stations. Too this case, the terminal devices (introducing air devices, grilles) get correct placed, averting the wrongly intromission of the stream air in a room.

A special case represented by the mural or ceiling fan convectors used both for heating and cooling. This the most comfortable and effective installation for a building heating / cooling but expensive due to thermal equipment (boilers for heating and chillers for cooling).

Many aspects shall be considered in calculation of cooling power for an air conditioning system: room surface, its height, positioning regarding the cardinal points (especially to west side), room place (outside walls, last level of the building).

The main purpose when air conditioning systems are installed is to achieve a comfortable temperature in those rooms. To fulfill these requirements the following conditions has to be met: air shall be purified, heated or cooled, air humidity has to increased or decreased.

Inside the building should not exist power losses through the air distribution system. Except the reduction of power losses it is important that the condensation does not occur inside the installation, when the temperature downs below the "dew point".

The noises produced into the system should be also reduced to increase the comfort of people living in the building. In order to eliminate all these matters the air conditioning system shall be protected with elastomer plates.

A very important matter is the correlation between the position of finishing (protection of grit stone and faience) and installation channels (electrical, thermal and sanitary) and sanitary and thermal equipment..

The thermal protection of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool increase the thermal comfort both in summer and winter, elimination of condensation, dampness and mould.

Hydro protections of bitumen material providing protection against infiltrations are absolutely necessary in the contact area with outside. The bitumen material are used in civil and industrial buildings, to flat and sloped roofs, providing building, foundations and back wall water tightness.

The thermal hydro-protections of polystyrene make simultaneously both thermal protection and water surface protection. They form a continuous layer on all surfaces to be protected, have a good adherence to any kind of surface and do not need removal of protection applied before. They can be applied on ceiling, inside.

Use of thermal protected carpentry removes and losses of heat, reduces the phonic pollution and not the last is very esthetical. We recommend you to use it even it is more expensive but the advantages are obvious.

Providing a slope roof depending on the nature of material used as coating and the water draining slope on collecting tracks are essential and should be considered.

The sandwich panels provide an excellent thermal protection at slam protection thicknesses for outside and inside walls (for room partition). Installation is very fast and economic. Such a building built up of panels and metal structure represents a safety and money saving investment, providing an optimum climate both in summer and winter.

The laminated floor is recommended for dwelling spaces and commercial ones (its thickness giving it an increases strength to heavy weights and does not allow deformation), offering a particular atmosphere for such rooms. It is easy to install (double click jointing system) and maintain (allow cleaning by usual cleaning methods).

The gas pressure regulators are used in natural combustible gas installations to reduce the pressure and its maintaining in some limits, irrespective of variation of input pressure and the output flow within the limits given by the technical characteristics.

These shall be mounted in covered places, in normal environment, free of corrosion agents, protected against of bad weather, dust and vibrations. Upstream the regulator an impurity filter shall be mounted.

For small diameter of pipes the use of a filter incorporated regulator is recommended, cheaper and comfortable mounting variant.

When choosing a regulator it shall be considered mainly of output pressure, input pressure, flow, gas speed on output section, type of gas to be used, gas temperature, accuracy requested, pipe design diameter.

High density polyethylene pipes (PEHD) used in the natural gas distribution networks have many advantages: money saving, reduced weight, high strength to taps, mechanical loads, wear and tear of atmospheric agents, strength to low temperatures, perfect tightness, very low pressure losses at fluids passing through.

The track of distribution networks and outside use installations shall be, as possible, straight. The pipes of distribution networks are installed underground. When there are not conditions for underground installation, the steel distribution network pipes can be installed above ground (on outside walls of buildings, stable fences of concrete and bricks, metal poles and platforms) and those of polyethylene are compulsory installed underground.

Underground pipe entering into buildings (connections and couplings) is done above ground after the pipes come out at the ground surface, passing through the outside building wall.

The most used gas in the technological processes is steam. This is an invisible gas generated through addition of thermal power to the water in a boiler. Enough power shall be added so that the water temperature is increased to the boiling point. The extra power, without any other increase of temperature, turns water into steam.

Steam is heat transfer medium very effective and easy to control. It is used the most of cases for the transport of energy from a central source (boiler) to a number of consumers from the installations where it used for air and water heating and other processes.

The heat passes from a high level of temperature to a low level of temperature through a process known as heat transfer. Starting from the boiler fire place, the heat is transferred through the pipes of water boiler. When the higher pressure in the boiler pushes the vapor outside, this one heats the pipes of the distribution system. The heat passes from steam, through the pipe walls into the environment air, colder. This heat transfer passes a part of steam into water, named condensation.

The condensation is a by-product of heat transfer in a steam system. It is formed into the distribution system, in heating and technological equipment, as a result of heat transfer from steam to heated substance.

The condensation gathering in the lower side of steam pipes could be a reason for water hammer. At the same time, when the steam comes into contact with the condensation cooled under the vapor temperature, it can produce thermal shocks. The condensation, air and other gases resulted from the heat transfer shall eliminated by means of condensing pots.

Dimensioning of pipes into a steam system is determined by the initial pressure at the boiler and the pressure losses and the steam speed also.


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Carrollton Cartagena de s Cartagena Cartago Cartago Caruaru Carúpano Casablanca Cascavel Castanhal Castellón de la Plana Catanduva Catania Catia La Mar Cauayan City Caucaia Cavite City Caxias do Sul Caxias Cayenne French Guiana Cebu City Cedar Rapids Celaya Chandannagar Chandigarh Chandler Chandrapur Changchun Changde Changji Changsha Changshi Changwon Changzhi Changzhou Chaohu Chaoyang Chaozhou Chapecó Chhapra Charikar Charleroi Charlotte Chatham-Kent Chattanooga Cheboksary Chelyabinsk Chemnitz Chengde Chengdu Chengzhou Chennai Cheonan Cheongju Cherepovets Cherkasy Cherkessk Chernihiv Chernivtsi Cherthala Chía Chiang Mai Chiayi Chiba Chibi City Chicago Chiclayo Chifeng Chigasaki Chihuahua Chikmagalur Chillán Chilpancingo Chimalhuacán Chimbote ndega Chincha Alta Chingola Chiniot Chirala Chirchiq Chishtian Chişinău Chita Chitradurga Chittagong Chittoor Chitungwiza Chizhou Chlef Chōfu Choloma Choluteca Chonburi Chongjin Chongqing Chorzów Christchurch Chula Vista Chuncheon Chungju Chuxiong City Chuzhou Cienfuegos Cincinnati Cirebon Ciudad Apodaca Ciudad Bolívar Ciudad Acuña Ciudad del Este Ciudad Delgado Ciudad Guayana Ciudad Juárez Ciudad López Mateos Ciudad Losada Ciudad Madero Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl Ciudad Obregón Ciudad Victoria Cixi Clarksville Clearwater Clermont-Ferrand Cleveland Cluj-Napoca Coacalco Coatzacoalcos Cochabamba Codó Coimbatore Coimbra Colatina Colchester Colima Cologne Colombo Colombo Colón Colorado Springs Columbia Columbus Columbus Ohio Comilla Comodoro Rivadavia Conakry Concepción Concord Concordia Constanţa Constantine Contagem Copenhagen Copiapó Coquimbo Coquitlam Coral Springs Corby Córdoba Córdoba Córdoba Cork Çorlu Coro Corona Corpus Christi Corrientes Çorum Costa Mesa Cotabato City Cotia Cotonou Cottbus Coventry Craiova RiaCrato Crawley Criciúma Cuautitlán Cuautla tão Cúcuta Cuddalore Cuenca Cuernavaca Cuiabá Culiacán Cumaná Curicó Curitiba Cusco Cuttack Częstochowa Da Nang Dabgram Dąbrowa Górnicza Dadu Daegu Daejeon Dagupan Daitō Dakar Da Lat Dali Dalian Dallas Daloa Daly City Damanhur Damascus Dammam Damoh Danao City Dandong Dangyang Danjiangkou Danyang Daqing Dar Es Salaam Daraga Darbhanga Darlington Darmstadt Darwin Daska Dasmariñas Daşoguz Datong Daugavpils Davangere Davao City Dayton Dazhou Debrecen Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Dehradun Deir ez Zor Delhi Delmas Dengzhou Denizli Denpasar Denver Dera Ghazi Khan Derbent Derby Derince Des Moines Dessie Detroit Dewas Deyang Dezful Dezhou Dhaka Dhanbad Dhule Diadema Diaobingshan Dibrugarh Digos City Dijon Dili Timor-Leste Dimitrovgrad Dinajpur Dindigul Dingzhou Dipolog City Dire Dawa Divinópolis Diwaniyah Diyarbakır Djelfa Dniprodzerzhinsk Dnipropetrovsk Doboj and Dobrich Dodoma Doha Donetsk Dongchuan Dongguan Dongtai Dongyang Dongying Dordrecht Dortmund Dos Quebradas Douala Dourados Downey Dresden Drobeta-Turnu Severin Dubai es Dublin Dudley Duisburg Duitama Dujiangyan Dumaguete City Dundee Dunedin Dunhua Dunhuang Dunkerque Duque de Caxias Durango Durban Durg Durgapur Durham Durrës Dushanbe Duyun Düsseldorf Dzerzhinsk Eastbourne Ebetsu Ebina Ecatepec Ede Ede iaEdéa Edinburgh Edirne Edmonton Eilat Eindhoven Ekibastuz El Aaiún El Alto El Eulma El Jadida El Khroub El Monte El Oued El Paso El Progreso Elazığ Elbląg Elche Eldoret Elektrostal Elista Elizabeth Elk Grove El-Mahalla El-Kubra Eluru Emeishan Emmen Engels English Bazar Enschede Ensenada Enshi Enugu iaEnvigado Erbil Erfurt Erie Erlangen Erode Erzincan Erzurum Escondido Esenler Esfahan Eskişehir Esmeraldas Espoo Essen Etawah Eugene Eujeongbu Evansville Exeter Ezhou Faisalabad Faizabad Faridabad Farrukhabad Fatehpur Fayetteville Fayyum Feira de Santana Fengcheng Fenghua Fergana Ferrara Ferraz de Vasconcelos Fes Firozabad Flint Florence Florencia Florianópolis Floridablanca Focşani Foggia Fontana Forlì Formosa Fort Collins Fort Lauderdale Fort Wayne Fort Worth Fortaleza Fort-de-Martinique Foshan Foz do Iguaçu Franca Francisco Morato Francistown Franco da Rocha Frankfurt am Main Freetown Freiburg im Breisgau Fremont Fresno Fu'an Fuchu Fuenlabrada Fuji Fujieda Fujimi Fujin City Fujinomiya Fujisawa Fukuya Fukui Fukuoka Fukushima Fukuyama Fuling Fullerton Funabashi Funchal Fushun Fuxin Fuyang Fuzhou, Fujian Fuzhou, Jiangxi Fürth Gabès Gaborone Gadag-Betgeri Galați Gandhidham Gandhinagar Ganganagar Gangneung Gəncə Ganzhou Gaocheng Garanhuns Garden Grove Garland Garoua Gary Gateshead Gatineau Gaya Gaza City Palestine Gaziantep Gdańsk Gdynia Gebze Geelong Gejiu Geleen-Sittard Gelsenkirchen General Santos City Geneva Genova George Town Georgetown Gera Germiston Getafe Ghardaïa Ghaziabad Ghazni Ghent Gifu Gijón Gilbert Gingoog City Girardot Giresun Giza Glasgow Glazov Glendale, Arizona Glendale, California Gliwice Gloucester Godhra Godoy Cruz Goiânia Gojra Gold Coast Goma Re of the Gómez Palacio Gonbad-e Qabus Gondar Gondiya Gongzhuling Gorakhpur Gorgan Gorzów Wielkopolski Gothenburg Governador Valadares Göttingen Granada Granada Grand Prairie Grand Rapids Gravataí Graz Green Bay Greensboro Grenoble Groningen Grozny Grudziądz Guadalajara Guadalupe Guanare Guanghan Guangshui Guangyuan Guangzhou Guantánamo Guarapuava Guaratinguetá Guarenas Guarujá Guarulhos City Guayaquil Guaymas Guaynabo Puerto Rico Gudivada Guédiawaye Guelma Guelph Guigang Guilin Guiyang Gujiao Gujranwala Gujrat City Gulbarga Gumi Guna Guntakul Gunsan Guntur Gurgaon Guri Guruvayur Guwahati Gwalior Gwangju Gweru Gyeongju Győr Gyumri Ha Long Haarlem Habikino Habra Hachinohe Hachiōji Hadano Haeju Hafizabad Hagen Haicheng Haifa Haikou Hailun Haining City Haiphong Hakodate Haldia Haldwani-cum-Kathgodam Halifax Halle Hama Hamadan Hamamatsu Hamburg Hamhung Hami City Hamilton Hamilton Hamm Hanam Hancheng Handa Handan Hangzhou Hanoi Hanover Hanzhong Haora Hapur Harare Harbin Hargeisa Haridwar Hartford Hassan Hathras Havana Hayward Hebi Hebron Palestine Hechi Heerlen-Kerkrade Hefei Hegang Heidelberg Heihe Heilbronn Helsingborg Helsinki Henderson Hengshui Hengyang Heraklion Herat Hermosillo Herne Heshan Hetian Heyuan Heze Hialeah Higashihiroshima Higashikurume Higashimurayama Higashiosaka Hikone Hildesheim Hilla Himamaylan City Himeji Hindupur Hino Hirataka Hiratsuka Hirosaki Hiroshima Hisar Hitachi Hitaka Ho Chi Minh City Hobart Hofu Holguín Holon Homs Homyel Hong Kong Hong Kong Honghu Honolulu Horlivka Hortolândia Hoshiarpur Hospet Hospitalet de Llobregat Houghly-Chinsura Houma Houston Hoya Hrodna Hsinchu Huadian Huaian Huaibei Huaihua Huainan Huaiyin Huambo Huancayo Huanghua Huangshan Huangshi Huangyan Huánuco Huaraz Huaying Hubli-Dharwad Hudaida Huddersfield Huế Huelva Huhehaote Huixian Huizhou Huludao Hulunbuir Hunchung Huntington Beach Huntsville Huozhou Huzhou Hyderabad Hyderabad Hyesan Iaşi RiaIbadan iaIbagué Ibaraki Ibarra Ibirité Ica Ichalakaranji Ichihara Ichikawa Ichinomiya Ife iaIida Ikeda Ikere-Ekiti iaIkoma Iksan Ila iaIlagan Ilam Ilesa iaIlhéus Iligan Iloilo City Ilopango Ilorin iaImabari Imbaba Imperatriz Imphal Inazawa Inchon Indaiatuba Independence napolis Indore Inegöl Inglewood Ingolstadt Innsbruck Ipatinga Ipoh Ipswich Iquique Iquitos Irapuato Irbid Iriga Irkutsk Iruma Irvine Irving Ise Isesaki Ishinomaki İskenderun Islam Shahr Islamabad Ismaïlia Isparta İstanbul Itaboraí Itabuna Itagüí Itaituba Itajaí Itami Itapecerica da Serra Itapetininga Itapevi Itaquaquecetuba Itu Ivano-Frankivsk Ivanovo Iwaki, Fukushima Iwakuni Iwatsuki Iwo iaIxtapaluca Izhevsk İzmir İzmit Izumi Jabalpur Jaboatao dos Guarapes Jacareí Jackson Jacksonville Jacobabad Jaén Jaffna Jaipur Jakarta Jalalabad Jalandhar Jalgaon Jalpaiguri Jalna Jamalpur Jambi Jamnagar Jamshedpur Jaraguá do Sul Jaranwala Jastrzębie Zdrój Jaú Jaunpur Jayapura Jeddah Jena Jeongju Jeonju Jequié Jerez de la Frontera Jersey City Jerusalem Jessore Jhang Jhansi Jhelum Jiagedaqi Jiamusi Ji'an Ji'an Jiangmen Jiangshan Jiangyin Jiangyou Jiaohe Jiaojiang Jiaozhou City Jiaozuo Jiaxing Jiayuguan Jieshou Jijel Jimma Jimo Jinan Jinchang Jincheng Jingdezhen Jingmen Jingzhou Jinhua Jining Jinshi City Jinzhong Jinzhou Jishou Jiujiang Jiuquan Jiutai Jiutepec Jixi Jiyuan Jizzakh João Pessoa Jodhpur Joetsu Johannesburg Johor Bahru Joinville Joliet Jorhat Jönköping Jos iaJuazeiro do Norte Juazeiro Juba Juiz de Fora Juliaca Junagadh Jundiaí Jyväskylä Kabankalan Kabul Kabwe Kadhimiya Kadoma Kaduna iaKaesong Kafr Dawar Kagoshima Kahramanmaraş Kaifeng Kaili Kairouan Kaiserslautern Kaiyuan Kaiyuan Kakamigahara Kakinada Kakogawa Kaliningrad Kalisz Kallithea Kaluga Kalyan Kamagaya Kamakura Kamarhati Kamensk-Uralsky Kamianets-Podilskyi Kamoke Kampala Kampong Cham Kamptee Kamyshin Kananga Re of the Kanazawa Kanchipuram Kanchrapara Kandahar Kandy Kanggye Kanhangad Kannur Kano iaKanpur Kansas City Kansk Kaohsiung Kaolack Karachi Karaganda Karaikkudi Karaj Karaman Karamay Karbala Karimnagar Kariya Karlsruhe Karnal Karur Kashan Kashgar Kashihara Kashiwa Kassala Kassel kasuga Kasugai Kasukabe Kasur Kathlehong Kathmandu Katihar Katowice Kaunas Kawagano Kawagoe Kawaguchi Kawanishi Kawasaki Kayseri Kazan Kecskemét Kediri Keelung Kelowna Kemerovo Kempton Park Kenitra Kerch Kerman Kermanshah Khabarovsk Khairpur Khammam Khandwa Khanewal Khanpur Kharagpur Kharkiv Khartoum Khartoum Khasavyurt Khayelitsha Khenchela Kherson Khimki Khmelnytskyi Khomeini Shahr Khon Kaen Khoramabad Khoramshahr Khouribga Khoy Khulna Kırıkkale Kızıltepe Kidapawan City Kiel Kielce Kiev Kigali Kikwit Re of the Kimberley Kimhae Kingston Kingston Kingston upon Hull Kinshasa Re of the Kirkuk Kirovohrad Kiryu Kisangani Re of the Kisarazu Kiselyovsk Kishiwada Kislovodsk Kismayo SoaKisumu Kitakyushu Kitami Kitchener Kitwe Klaipėda Klang Knoxville Kobe Koblenz Kochi Kōchi Kodaira Kofu Koganei Kohat Kokand Kokshetau Kokubunji Kolar Kolhapur Kolkata Kollam Kolomna Kolwezi Re of the Komaki Komatsu Komsomolsk-on-Amur Konya Korba Korhogo Koriyama Korla Korolyov Koronadal City Koshigaya Košice Kostanay Kosti Kostroma Koszalin Kota Bharu Kota Kinabalu Kota Kothagudem Kottayam Kovrov Kozhikode Kragujevac Kraków Kraljevo Kramatorsk Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Krasnyi Luch Krefeld Kremenchuk Krishnagar Kruševac Kryvyi Rih Kuala Lumpur Kuala Terengganu Kuantan Kuching Kumagaya Kumamoto Kumasi Kumbakonam Kunduz Kunming Kunshan Kuopio Kurashiki Kure Kurgan Kurnool Kursk Kurume Kusatsu Kushiro Kut Kutaisi City Kuwana Kütahya Kuytun Kwekwe Kyoto Kyzyl Kyzylorda La Ceiba La Coruña Las Palmas de Gran Canaria La Paz La Paz La Plata La Rioja La Serena La Victoria Lafayette Lages Laghouat Lagos iaLahore Lahti Laiwu Laiyang Laizhou Lakewood Lalitpur Lancaster Langfang Lansing Lanús Lanxi Lanzhou Laoag City Laohekou Lapu-Lapu City Laredo Larissa Larkana Larnaca Las Vegas Latakia Latina Latur Launceston Lauro de Freitas Lausanne Laval Le Havre Le Mans Leeds Leganés Legazpi City Legnica Leicester Leiden Leipzig Leiyang Leling Lengshuijiang Lengshuitan Leninsk-Kuznetsky Lens León León León Leshan Leskovac Leverkusen Lexington Lhasa Lianyuan Lianyungang Liaocheng Liaoyang Liaoyuan Libreville Lichuan Lida Liège Ligao City Likasi Re of the Liling Lille Lilongwe Lima Limassol Limeira Limerick Limoges Lincoln Linfen Linhai Linhares Linköping Linqing Linxia Linyi Linz Lipa City Lipetsk Lisbon Lishui Little Rock Liupanshui Liuzhou Liverpool Livornia Livorno Ljubljana Lleida Lobito Logroño Loja Lomas de Zamora Lomé London London Londrina Long Beach Longjing Longkou Longueuil Longxuyen Longyan Los Angeles Los Ángeles Los Mochis Los Teques Loudi Louisville Lowell Lu'an Luanda Luanshya Lubbock Lübeck Lublin Lubumbashi Re of the Lucena City Lucerne Lucknow Ludhiana Ludwigshafen am Rhein Luhansk Luján de Cuyo Luohe Luoyang Lusaka Luton Lutsk Luxor Luzhou Luziânia Lviv Lyon Lysychansk Lyubertsy Ma'anshan Maastricht Mabalacat Macaé Macapá Macau MacauMaceió Machakos Machala Macheng Machida Machilipatnam Madison Madiun Madrid Madurai Maebashi Magadan Magangué Magdeburg Magé Magelang Magnirsk Mahabad Mahbubnagar Maicao Maidstone Maiduguri iaMainz Makati Makhachkala Makiivka Malabo Málaga Malang Malappuram Mehsana Malasiqui Pangasinan Malatya Malaybalay City Malayer Malegaon Malmö Malolos City Manado Managua Manama Manaus Manavgat Manchester New Hampshire Manchester Mandalay Mandaluyong City Mandaue City Mandya Mangalore Mangaung Mangora Manila Manisa Manizales Mannheim Manta Manzhouli Maoming Maputo Mar del Plata Maraba Maracaibo Maracanau Maracay Maradi Maraqeh Marawi City Mardan Margilan Maribor Marilao Bulacan Marília Maringá Mariupol Mariveles, Bataan Markham Marrakech Marseille Marvdasht Masan Masaya Maseru Mashhad Masjed Soleyman Matadi Matamoros Tamaulipas Matanzas Mataró Mathura Mati Davao Oriental Matsubara Matsudo Matsue Matsumoto Matsusaka Matsuyama Maturín Mauá Maunath Bhanjan Mawlamyaing (Moulmein) Mayagüez Maykop Mazari Sharif Mazatlán Mazyr Mbabane Mbandaka Mbeya Mbour Mbuji-Mayi McAllen Texas Mecca Medan Medea Medellín Medina Medinipur Meerut Meihekou Meizhou Mejicanos Mekele Meknes Melbourne Melitopol Memphis Tennessee Mendoza Merca Mérida Mérida Mersin Mesa Arizona Mesquite Texas Messad Messina Metepec Metz Mexicali City Pampanga Meycauayan City Mezhdurechensk Miami Florida Miami Gardens Florida Mianyang Miass Michurinsk Middlesbrough Midsayap Cotabato Milagro Milan Milton Keynes Miluo Milwaukee Wisconsin Minatitlán Minglanilla Cebu Minneapolis Minnesota Minoh Minsk Mirpur Khas Mirzapur-cum-Vindhyachal Misato Mishan Mishima Miskolc Mississauga Misrata Mitaka Mito Miyakonojo Miyazaki Mobile Alabama Modena Modesto California Modinagar Moers Moga Mogadishu Mogilev (Mahilyow) Mogpo Mogi das Cruzes Mogi Guaçu Mombasa Monclova Moncton Monrovia Montería Monterrey Monte Carlo Montes Claros Montevideo Montgomery Alabama Montpellier Montreal Montreuil Monywa Monza Moradabad Moratuwa Morelia Morena Moreno Valley California Moriguchi Morioka Morogoro Morvi Moscow Mossoró Mostaganem Mostar Móstoles Mosul Mönchengladbach M'Sila Mudanjiang Mufulira Mulhouse Multan Mumbai Bombay Munger Munich Muntinlupa City Murcia Murfreesboro Tennessee Muridke Murmansk Murom Muroran Murwara Musashino Muscat Mushin Mutare Muzaffargharh Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarpur Mülheim an der Ruhr Münster Mwanza Mykolaiv Mymensingh Mysore Mytho Mytishchi Nabadwip Naberezhnye Chelny Nadiad Naga City Nagano Nagaoka Nagareyama Nagasaki Nagercoil Nagoya Nagpur Naha Naihati Nairobi Najaf Najafabad Nakhodka Nakhon Pathom Nakhon Ratchasima Nakhon Sawan Nakhon Si Thammarat Nakuru Nalchik Namangan Namdinh Nampho Nampula Namur Nanchang Nanchong Nancy Nanded Nandyal Nangong Nanjing Nanning Nanping Nantes Nantong Nanyang Naperville Illinois Napier-Hastings Naples Nara Narashino Narayanganj Nasariya Nashik Nashville-Davidson Tennessee Nassau Nasugbu, Batangas Natal Naucalpan Navapolatsk Navoi Navotas City Navsari Nawabganj Nawabshah Nazareth Nazilli Nazran N'djamena Ndola Neftekamsk Nefteyugansk Neijiang Neiva Nellore Netanya Neuquén Neuss Nevinnomyssk New Bombay New Delhi New Haven Connecticut NOIDA New Orleans, Louisiana New York New York Newark New Jersey Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle Newcastle Newport Neyagawa Neyshabur Neyveli Nhatrang Niamey Nice Nicosia Niigata Niihama Niiza Nijmegen Nikopol Nilópolis Nîmes Ningbo Ningde Niš Nishinomiya Nishio Niterói Nizamabad Nizhenvartovsk Nizhnekamsk Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Tagil Nobeoka Noda Nogales Noginsk Nonthaburi Norilsk Norman, Oklahoma Norrköping Las Vegas, Nevada ampton Norwalk, California Norwich Norzagaray, Bulacan Nossa Senhora do Socorro Nottingham Nouakchott Nova Friburgo Nova Iguaçu Novara Novi Sad Nôvo Hamburgo Novocheboksarsk Novocherkassk Novokuybyshevsk Novokuznetsk Novomoskovsk Novorossiysk Novoshakhtinsk Novosibirsk Novotroitsk Novy Urengoy Noyabrsk Nueva San Salvador Nuevo Laredo Nukuʻalofa Nukus Numazu Nuremberg Nyala, Nyíregyháza Oakland, California Oakville Oaxaca de Juárez Oberhausen Obihiro Obninsk Oceanside, California Odawara Odense Odessa Odintsovo Offenbach am Main Ōgaki Ogbomosho Ōita Okara Okayama Okazaki Okinawa Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oktyabrsky Oldenburg Oldham Olinda Olq Olomouc Olongapo City Olsztyn Omaha, Nebraska Omdurman Omsk Ōmuta Ondal Ongole Onitsha Ontario, California Opole Or Yehuda Oradea Oral Oran Orange, California Ordos City Ordu Örebro Orekhovo-Zuyevo Orenburg Orizaba Orlando, Florida Orléans Ormoc City Orsha Orsk Orumiyeh Oruro Oryol Osaka Osasco Osh Oshawa Oshogbo Osijek Oslo Osmaniye Osnabrück Osorno Ostrava Ota Otaru Otsu Ottawa Ouagadougou Ouargla Oujda Oulu Ourense Overland Park, Kansas Oviedo Oxford Oxnard, California Oyama Oyo Ozamiz City Paarl Pabna Pachuca Padang Paderborn Padua Pagadian City Pago Pago Paita Pakalongan Pakan Baru Pakpattan Palakkad Palangkaraya Palembang Palermo Pali Palma de Mallorca Palmas Palmdale, California Palmira Palu Pamplona Panabo City City Pančevo Panevėžys Panihati Panipat Panjin Panzhihua Papeete Paradise, Nevada Parakou Paramaribo Paraná Paranaguá Parang, Maguindanao Parbhani Pardubice Paris Parla Pasadena Patos de Minas Patna Patras Patratu Paulista Pavlodar Pavlohrad Pécs Pelotas Pematang Siantar Pembroke Pines, Florida Penza Peoria, Arizona Peoria, Illinois Pereira Peristeri Perm Perpignan Perth gia Pervouralsk Pescara Peshawar Petah Tikva Petaling Jaya Petare Peterborough Petrolina Petropavl Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Petrópolis Petrozavodsk Pforzheim Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phuket Phnom Penh Phoenix, Arizona Phusro Phyongsong Piatra Neamţ Pietermaritzburg Pikine Pilibhit Pinar del Río Pindamonhangaba Pingdingshan Pingdu Pingliang Pingxiang Pinhais Pinsk Piracicaba Piraeus Pir Mahal Piteşti Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Piura Plano, Texas Pleven Płock Ploieşti Plovdiv Plymouth Plzeň Poços de Caldas Podgorica Podolsk Pohang Pointe-Noire Pollachi Polomolok, Cotabato Poltava Pomona, California Ponce Pondicherry Ponta Grossa Pontianak Poole Popayán Porac, Pampanga Porbandar Port Elizabeth Port Harcourt Port Louis Port Moresby Port Said Port Port-au-Prince Portland, Oregon Porto Alegre Porto Novo Porto Velho Porto Portoviejo Portsmouth Posadas Potosí Potsdam Pouso Alegre Poza Rica de Hidalgo Poznań Prague Praia Grande Praia Prato Presidente Prudente Preston Pretoria Prijedor Priština Probolinggo Proddatur Prokopyevsk Providence, Rhode Island Provo, Utah Pskov Pucallpa Puebla de Zaragoza Pueblo, Colorado Puente Alto Puerto Cabello Puerto Montt Puerto Princesa City Puli Khumri Pune Puno Punta Arenas Punto Fijo Puri Purnia Putian Puyang Pyatigorsk Pyongyang Qa'em Shahr Qamishli Qarchak Qazvin Qianjiang Qidong Qingdao Qingtongxia Qingyang Qingyuan Qingzhou Qinhuangdao Qinyang Qinzhou Qiqihaer Qitaihe Qom Quanzhou Quebec City Queimados Querétaro Quetta Quevedo Quezon City Qufu Qui Nhon Quilmes Quilpué Quito Qujing Quzhou Rabat Rach Gia Radom Rae Bareli Rahim Yar Khan Raichur Raiganj Raipur Rajahmundry Rajapalaiyam Rajkot Rajnandgaon Rajshahi Raleigh, Carolina Ramadi Ramagundam Ramat Gan Râmnicu Vâlcea Rampur Ranaghat Rancagua Ranchi Rancho Cucamonga, California Rangpur Raniganj Rasht Ratlam Raurkela Ravenna Rawalpindi Rayong Reading Recife Recklinghausen Regensburg Reggio Calabria Regina Rehovot Reims Relizane Remscheid Rennes Reno, Nevada Renqiu Resende Resistencia Reutlingen Rewa Reykjavík Reynosa Ribeirão das Neves Ribeirão Pires Ribeirão Preto Richmond Hill Richmond Richmond, Virginia Riga Rijeka Rimini Rio Branco Rio Claro Rio Cuarto Rio de Janeiro Rio Grande Rio Verde Riobamba Rishon LeZion Riverside, California Rivne Riyadh Rizhao Rochester, Minnesota Rochester, New York Rockford, Illinois Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal Rohtak Rome Rondonópolis Rongcheng Roodepoort Rosario Rostock Rostov-on-Don Rotherham Rotterdam Rouen Rousse Roxas City Rubtsovsk Ruda Śląska Rudni Ruian Ruichang Russiefa Rustavi Ruzhou Ryazan Rybinsk Rybnik Rzeszów Saanich Saarbrücken Sabadell Sabára Sabzewar Sacramento, California Sadiqabad Safi Saga Sagamihara Sagar Sagay City Saguenay Saharanpur Sahiwal Saida Saidpur Saint Petersburg Saint-Denis Saint-Étienne Saint John Saint Louis Saint-Paul Saitama Sakai, Osaka Sakata Sakura, Chiba Salamanca Salamanca Salavat Salé Salem, Oregon Salem Salerno Salihorsk Salinas, California Salt Lake City, Utah Salta Saltillo Salvador Salzburg Salzgitter Samara Samarinda Samarkand Sambalpur Sambhal Samsun San Antonio, Texas San Bernardino, California San Bernardo San Buenaventura, California San Carlos City, Negros Occidental San Carlos City, Pangasinan San Cristóbal San Cristóbal de Las Casas San Diego, California San Fernando City, La Union San Fernando City, Pampanga San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca San Francisco, California San José San Jose City, Nueva Ecija San Jose del Monte City San Jose, California San Jose, Occidental Mindoro San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan City, Metro Manila San Lorenzo San Luis Potosí San Luis San Martin San Mateo, Rizal San Miguel San Miguel de Tucumán San Miguel, Bulacan San Miguelito San Nicolás San Nicolás de los Garzas San Pablo City San Pedro de Macoris San Pedro Sula San Pedro, Laguna San Rafael San Salvador de Jujuy San Salvador San Sebastián Sana'a Sanandaj Sancti Spíritus Sanda Sandakan Sangli Şanlıurfa Sanmenxia Sanming Santa Ana, California Santa Bárbara d'Oeste Santa Clara, California Santa Clara Santa Clarita, California Santa Coloma de Gramanet Santa Cruz de la Sierra Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santa Cruz do Sul Santa Cruz, Laguna Santa Fe de Bogotá Santa Fe Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais Santa Maria, California Santa Maria, Bulacan Santa Marta Santa Rita Santa Rosa, California Santa Rosa City Santander Santarém, Santiago Santiago City Santiago de Santiago de los Caballeros Santiago del Estero Santipur Santo André Santo Domingo de los Colorados Santo Domingo Santo Tomas, Batangas Santos Sanya São Bernardo do Campo São Caetano do Sul São Carlos São Gonçalo São João de Meriti São José de Ribamar São José do Rio Preto São José dos Campos São José dos Pinhais São José São Leopoldo São Luís São Paulo São Vicente Sapporo Sapucaia do Sul Saqez Saraburi Sarajevo Saransk Sarapul Saratov Sar-e Pol Sargodha Sari Sariaya, Quezon Sariwon Sasebo Saskatoon Sassari Satna Satu Mare Savannah, Sayama Schwerin Scottsdale, Arizona Seam Reab Seattle Sabha Sekondi-Takoradi Seleyang Baru Semarang Semipalatinsk Sendai Seongnam Seoul Serampore Seremban Sergiyev Posad Serpukhov Serra Sertaozinho Sete Lagoas Setif Seto Sevastopol Severodvinsk Seversk Seville Sfax Shah Alam Shahe Shahjahanpur Qods Shahrekord Shahrud Shakhty Shanghai Shangluo Shangqiu Shangrao Shangzhi Shantou Shanwei Shaoguan Shaowu Shaoxing Shaoyang Sharjah Shchyolkovo Sheberghan Sheffield Sheikhu Pura Sheopur Shenyang Shenzhen Sherbrooke Shibin el-Kom Shihezi Shihung Shijiazhuang Shikarpur Shillong Shimizu Shymkent Shimla Shimoga Shimonoseki Shinyanga Shiraz Shishi City Shishou Shivpuri Shiyan Shizuishan Shizuoka Shkodër Shreveport, Louisiana Shuangcheng Shuangyashan Shubra al Khaymah Shuozhou Sialkote Šiauliai Sibiu Sibu Sidi-bel-Abbès Siegen Sieverodonetsk Siirt Sikar Silang, Cavite Silay City Silchar Siliguri Simferopol Simi Valley, California Sincelejo Sinuiji Sioux Falls, Dakota Siping Sirjan Sirsa Sitapur Sittwe Sivakasi Sivas Siverek Skikda Skopje Sliven Slough Sloviansk Słupsk Smederevo Smolensk Soacha Sobral Sochi Sofia Sogamoso Soka Solapur Soledad Solihull Solikamsk Solingen Songkhla Songyuan Sonipat Sorocaba Sorsogon City Sosnowiec Souk Ahras Bend, na Dum Dum ampton end on Sea Soweto Soyapango Split Spokane, Washington Springfield, Illinois Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield, Missouri Springs Srinagar St Helens St Louis, Missouri St Paul, Minnesota St Petersburg, Florida St. Catharines St. John's Stakhanov Stamford, Connecticut Stara Zagora Starsy Oskol Stavanger Stavropol Sterling Heights, Michigan Sterlitamak Stockholm Stockport Stockton, California Stoke-on-Trent Strasbourg Stuttgart Subotica Suceava Sucre Suez Suhaj Suihua Suining Suita Suizhou Sukabumi Sukkur Sulamaniya Sullana Sultanbeyli Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao Sumaré Sumgait Sumy Suncheon, Sunderland Sundsvall Sungai Petani Sunnyvale, California Sunshine Coast Suqian Surabaya Surakarta Surat Thani Surat Surgut Surigao City Surrey Suzano Sutton Coldfield Suva, Suwon, Puwan Suzhou, Anhui Suzhou, Jiangsu Suzuka Swansea Swindon Sydney Syktyvkar Syracuse Syracuse, New York Syzran Szczecin Szeged Székesfehérvár Ta’if Tabaco City Taboão da Serra Tabriz Tacheng Tachikawa Tacloban City Tacna Tacoma, Washington Taebaek Taganrog Taguig City Tagum City Taian Taichung Tainan City Taipei Taiping Taiyuan Taiz Taizhou, Jiangsu Taizhou, Zhejiang Tajimi Takamatsu Takaoka Takarazuka Takasaki Takatsuki Talara Talavera, Nueva Ecija Talca Talcahuano Talisay City, Cebu Tallahassee, Florida Tallinn Taloqan Tama Tamale Tambov Tampa, Florida Tampere Tampico Tanauan City Tandil Tandoadam Tanga Tangail Tangier Tangshan Tanjung Pinang Tanta Tanza, Cavite Taonan Tapachula Taranto Tarapoto Taraz Târgu-Mureş Tarija Tarlac City Tarnów Tarragona Tarsus Tartu Tashkent Taubaté Taunggyi Tauranga Taytay, Rizal Tbilisi Tebessa Tegal Tegucigalpa Tehran Tehuacán Teixeira de Freitas Tekirdağ Tel Aviv Telford Tembisa Temirtau Tempe, Arizona Temuco Tenali Tengzhou Teófilo Otoni Tepic Teresina Teresópolis Termez Terni Ternopil Terrassa Tétouan Thai Nguyen Thalassery Thane Thanjavur The Hague Thessaloniki Thiès Thimphu Thiruvananthapuram Thousand Oaks, California Thrissur Thunder Bay Tianjin Tianmen Tianshui Tiaret Tieli Tieling Tijuana Tilburg Timişoara Timon Ta Tiruchchirappalli Tirunelveli Tirupati Tiruppur Tiruvannamalai Titagarh Tlalnepantla Tlalpan Tlaquepaque Tlaxcala Tlemoen Tobolsk Toda Tokat Tokorozawa Tokushima Tokuyama Tokyo Toledo City, Cebu Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Paraná Toluca Tolyatti Tomakomai Tomsk Tondabayashi Tongchuan Tonghua Tongi Tongjiang Tongliao Tongling Tongren Tonk Toowoomba Topeka, Kansas Toronto Torrance, California Torreón Toruń Tottori Touggourt Toulon Toulouse Tours Townsville Toyama Toyohashi Toyokawa Toyonaka Toyota Trabzon Trento Trieste Tripoli, Tripoli, Trois-Rivières Trondheim Trujillo Tsu Tsuchiura Tsukuba Tsuruoka Tucson, Arizona Tuguegarao City Tula Tulsa, 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Nicolás Romero Villahermosa Villavicencio Villeurbanne Vilnius Viña del Mar Vinh Vinnytsia Vşehir Visakhapatnam Vitebsk Vitória da Conquista Vitória de Santo Antão Vitória Vitoria-Gasteiz Vizianagarm Vladikavkaz Vladimir Vladivostok Volgodonsk Volgograd Vologda Volos Volta Redonda Volzhsky Voronezh Votkinsk Vungtau Waco, Texas Wad Madani Wadhwan Wafangdian Wah Cantonment Wakayama Wałbrzych Walsall Wanxian Warangal Wardha Warren, Michigan Warrington Warsaw Washington, D.C. Waterbury, Connecticut Watford Weifang Weihai Weihui Weinan Wellington Wendeng Wenzhou West Bromwich West Covina, California West Valley City, Utah Westminster, Colorado Whitby Wichita Falls, Texas Wichita, Kansas Wiesbaden Willemstad Windhoek Windsor Winnipeg Winston-Salem, Carolina Winterthur Witten Włocławek Wolfsburg Greater Wollongong Wolverhampton Wonju Wonsan Worcester, Massachusetts Wrocław Wu'an Wuhai Wuhan Wuhu Wulanhaote Wulumuqi Wuppertal Wuwei Wuxi Wuxue Wuyishan Wuzhong Wuzhou Würzburg Xalapa Xiamen Xian Xiangfan Xiangtan Xianning Xiantao Xianyang Xiaogan Xiaoshan Xichang Xilinhaote Xingcheng Xinghua Xingtai Xingyi Xining Xinji Xintai Xinxiang Xinyang Xinyi Xinyu Xinzhou Xochimilco Xuancheng Xuchang Yachiyo Yaizu Yakeshi Yakutsk Yamagata Yamaguchi Yamato, Kanagawa Yamoussoukro Yamunanagar Yan'an Yancheng Yangjiang Yangon (Rangoon) Yangquan Yangzhou Yanji Yantai Yao Yaoundé Yaroslavl Yatsushiro Yavatmal Yazd Yekaterinburg Yelets Yenakiieve Yerevan Yibin Yichang Yichun, Heilongjiang Yichun, Jiangxi Yidu Yima Yinchuan Yingcheng Yingkou Yingtan Yining Yiwu Yixing Yiyang Yizheng Yogyakarta Yokkaichi Yokohama Yokosuka Yonago Yongan Yongzhou Yonkers, New York York Yoshkar-Ola Yosu Yuanjiang Yueyang Yulin, Guangxi Yulin, Shaanxi Yuma, Arizona Yumen Yuncheng, Shanxi Yuxi Yuyao Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Yuzhou Zaanstad Zabol Zabrze Zacatecas Zagazig Zagreb Zahedan Zama Zamboanga City Zamora de Hidalgo Zanjan Zanzibar City Zaoyang Zaozhuang Zapopan Zaporizhia Zaragoza Zárate Zaria Zarqa Zelenodolsk Zelenograd Zenica Zhalantun Zhangjiagang Zhangjiajie Zhangjiakou Zhangshu Zhangye Zhangzhou Zhanjiang Zhaodong Zhaoqing Zhaotong Zheleznodorozhny Zhengzhou Zhenjiang Zhongshan Zhoukou Zhoushan Zhucheng Zhuhai Zhuji Zhukovsky Zhumadian Zhuozhou Zhuzhou Zhytomyr Zibo Zielona Góra Zigong Ziguinchor Zinder Zixing Zlatoust Zoetermeer Zrenjanin Zunyi Zuwara Zürich Zwickau Zwolle


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Digging, earth packing Price

Concrete preparation Price

Concrete pouring Price

Shutter installation Price

Fixtures installation Price

Stone and brick masonry Price

Metal structures Price

Demolitions Price

Reworks Price



Boiler and instant installation Price

Galvanized, PEHD, PPR, PEXAL pipe and fitting installation Price

PVC, PP, PEHD sewage pipe and fitting installation Price

Installation of sanitary objects Price

Installation of mixers, valves, hole coupling Price

Installation fire, wall, underground and garden hydrant Price

Installation cold and hot water gauge, water meter manhole Price

Test of tightness, strength, washings Price

Disassemblies, revisions, replacements Price



Installation mural heating station Price

Installation of heating boilers Price

Installation of burning devices Price

Installation thermal station equipment and accessories Price

Installation of radiators, air heating devices, floor heating systems Price

Installation steel, copper, PEXAL, multilayer pipe and fittings Price

Installation of hole couplings, connectors, adaptors, valves Price

Pressure tests, washing Price

Disassemblies, revisions, replacements Price



Installation of electrical cables Price

Installation of electrical devices Price

Installation of lamp fittings Price

Installation of electrical boards Price

Protection, earthing Price

Attempts, tests Price

Disassemblies, revisions, replacements Price



Ventilation tubes Price

Installation of air-conditioning devices Price

Installation of chillers Price

Installation air treatment station Price

Verification, adjustment control, measure Price



Room partition Price

Insulations Price

Roof protection coatings Price

Drains, rain pipes, frameworks Price

Plastering Price

Floors, plinth, plating Price

Mounting door, window Price

Mounting pane of glass Price

Painting, dyeing Price

Enclosures Price

Surfaces protection by washing, sandblasting, dye works Price



Installation of gas regulators Price

Installation of gas meter Price

Installation of gas equipment Price

Installation of steel pipes Price

Installation polyethylene - PEHD pipes Price

Installation of valves, armatures Price

Inspection of pipes Price

Disassemblies, revisions, replacements Price



Installation of metal tanks Price

Installation of equipment Price

Installation of pipes, fittings, valves and supports Price

Equipment disassembly, pipes, fittings, valves and supports Price



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